Philadelphia City Hall

Philadelphia City Hall Photo by Patrick Rodio

Philadelphia City Hall has been a structure of controversy since its very inception. It's ornate architecture has been praised as magnificent and criticized as horrible. The building covers over 4 acres in one of William Penn's orginal squares of the city. Construction was started on the building in 1871, but was not complted until 1901, a full thirty years of controversy as building costs continually ran over budget and political controversies swirled around the building project.

The building reaches a height of 510 feet, and is the largest masonry construction in the world. The first floor supporting walls are over twenty feet thick. The central tower is topped by a 37 feet tall statue of William Penn.

Philadelphia City Hall
There are more than 250 sculptures in the building which contains over 600 rooms. A center courtyard can be entered from four archways from each side of the building. There is also an observation deck which is open to the public.

City Hall looking north on Broad Street

City Hall Area Map

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