Philly Dialect

Philly has its own language. Well, not a language exactly, but a "dialect" of sorts that is distinct. Natives do not notice it, visitors always do. It's our way of speaking, and we offer this guide to help you speak like you're from Philly. We were going to alphabatize this list, but later decided instead to use that New York expression which has been creeping into the Philly region, "fuggetaboutit".

How ya doin'? Translation, "How are you doing?" This is the most common and friendliest of Philly greetings. Sometimes the word "Yo" is added, such as in "Yo, how ya doin?".
Wit "With", as in "I'd like that steak wit fried onions", or " I'm goin' down the shore wit Joey".
Yo A greeting, not unlike "hello". Usually more casual, like "Hi".
Where ya from? This means exactly what it says. In Philadelphia, however, a native will respond with street intersections, such as "8th and Catherine" or "Broad and Shunk" to indicate their home. A broader generalization of this is "South Philly" or "The Northeast". Nearby cousins simply say they are from "Jersey" which says it all.
Down the shoreThe Jersey shore. Philadelphians never go "to" the shore, or "to" the beach. They always go down the shore. Often pronounced "downashore"
HoagieA submarine sandwich, only it is not a "sub" or a "hero" or a "grinder" or anything else. It is a hoagie. This sandwich is second only to the cheese steak.
IgglesPhiladelphia's NFL football team. Known elsewhere as the Phiadelphia Eagles. Also known as simply The Birds. Sometimes known as "dose bums".
Pash-yunkPassyunk. A major street in Philadelphia.
FulladulfyaThe city, known to outsiders as Philadelphia
sodaThe carbonated beverage that comes in a can or bottle. It is not "pop" or anything else. It is soda.
bagA paper or plastic container for carrying things. Never a sack.
Tap MacUsing an ATM machine.
gabagoolCapicola, a spicy deli meat similar to ham or salami.
The LincWhere the Iggles play ball. They used to play at the Vet.
K&AKenningston and Allegheny Avenues.
Ac-a-meAcme supermarkets.


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