Franklin Court

First Post Office

Franklin Court consists of several buildings, including a replica outline of Benjamin Franklin's home. The first post office (created by Franklin) is here, as well as a print shop and bindery.

Located between 3rd and 4th Streets and Market and Chestnut Streets, the site is accessible from either side. A passageway next to the post office is the original one Franklin walked through to and from his home.

Franklin Court Passageway Franklin Court

Franklin's home was torn down in 1812. On the site a so-called "ghost structure" was errected for the Bicentenial, outling the scope and shape of the original building. Viewing portals allow for views of the original foundation of the building.

Beneath the court is a museum with collections of various Franklin paintings, his inventions and other materials.

Franklin Court Franklin Court

Map of Franklin Court
Franklin Court Map


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