Independence Hall

Independence Hall "Independence Hall" is actually the original Pennsylvania State House. Construction started on this building in 1732, but was not completed until 1753. Clearly one of the most famous buildings in America, Independence Hall is the place where both the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution were born.

The framers of the Declaration, including Thomas Jefferson, John and Samuel Adams, Benjamin Franklin and John Hancock surely could not have known that their creation would become the model for freedom around the world. These men labored during an unusually hot Philadelphia summer, bringing to life "freedom", a concept which would live in men's hearts for centuries to come.

Although the document was drafted by Thomas Jerfferson, the assembled body debated it for three full days, authorizing over eighty changes.

Independence Hall

Not everyone in the colonies supported the break from England. Many colonials feared England's retaliation, while others worried that the new country would fall into a civil war among the newly created states. Nonetheless, that extraodinarily hot summer in 1776 produced a document like the world had never seen from a brave group of men who pledged all to start a new nation.



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