Public Art in Philadelphia

Philadelphia has more public art than any other city in America. Walk down almost any street and you are bound to come across a piece of sculpture, a statue, a wall mural, or some other form of the thousands of pieces of diverse art throughout the city.

Clothes Pin
Claes Oldenburg
15th & Market Streets

"Government of the People"
Jacques Lipchitz
Municipal Services Building Plaza

Raymond Sandoval
Front and Market Streets
Robert Morris
"Robert Morris"
Independence National Park

World Park:
"Orders and Perspectives"
Ned Smyth
Marriott Hotel Plaza,
12th Street at Filbert Street
"Tadeusz Kosliuszko"
Benjamin Franklin Parkway
Shakespeare Memorial
Shakespeare Memorial
Alexander Stirling Calder
Logan Square
Dudley Talcott
Benjamin Franklin Parkway
World War I Memorial
World War I Memorial
Benjamin Franklin Parkway
George Washington
"George Washington"
Jean Antoine Houdon
Washington Square
Holocaust Statue
"Monument to
Six Million Jewish Martyrs"
Nathan Rapoport
Benjamin Franklin Parkway
Duck Girl
"Duck Girl"
Paul Manship
Rittenhouse Square

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