Getting Around Town

Philadelphia has a vast array of transportation, especially in the center city and historic districts. Prices vary greatly, from $4.00 for all all-day ride on the Phlash to as high as $35.00 for a one hour carriage ride. In the historic district, it is very easy to walk to all the major locations. Some transportation confines itself to that area. Check with each service for the limits of their tours. All of these tours are easy to find in the historic district.

The Big Bus
Ride around town in a double decker tour bus.
The Big Bus Company

Ride the Duck
Land and water tour of the historic district.
Philly Ducks

Land Sharks
Another variant on the land and water theme.
Land Sharks
Philadelphia Phlash
Philadelphia Phlash.
Carriage Ride

Public Transportation

SEPTA: Philadelphia public transportation includes bus, subway, trolley and train transportation throughout the city and region. For detailed information, maps and schedules, Click Here.

Taxi Cabs: Philadelphia has an army of taxi cabs that can be hailed anywhere. Fares are meter regulated, but can get pricey, especially during rush hours when traffic is heavy. Licensed taxis are required to display a city medallion on the right front hood of the vehicle. It is wise not to use a taxi that does not display this medallion.

Airport Transportation: The Philadelphia International Airport is about 7 miles from downtown. One way taxi fare is a flat rate of $25. There is also a SEPTA shuttle train from the airport to various downtown locations with a one way fare of $5.50 per person. Airport shuttles and limo service are also available. For more information about the airport and transporation, see the Philadelphia Airport Website.

PATCO: The Delaware River Port Authority operates a high speed line between Philadelphia and New Jersey. This train is an excellent way to reach places of interest in New Jersey. On the Jersey side, the high speed line also connects to a light rail system that can take the visitor as far north as Trenton. PATCO High Speed Line.

Parking: The Philadelphia Parking Authority has a list of parking in the center city and historical district areas, as well as information on Airport parking. Click here for information. On street parking is usually metered, and difficult to find in center city and the historical district.

Driving Distances to Philadelphia:

Atlantic City - 62 miles Baltimore - 104 miles Boston - 320 miles
Gettysburg, PA - 131 miles Hershey, PA - 98 miles Lancaster, PA - 73 miles
New York, NY - 90 miles Pittsburgh, PA - 306 miles Richmond, VA - 254 miles
Washington, DC - 145 miles Williamsburg, VA - 300 miles Wilmington, DE - 30 miles


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